Top 20 things that contain gold you can recycle and sell

Gold TeethEvery bit of recycling makes a difference. Recycling gold can be fun and profitable at the same time. If you don’t have a lot of gold jewelry lying around, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cash in on the higher prices of gold today. There are a lot of items in a common household that have gold in them – and you might not even be aware of how much gold you have, just sitting, unused, in your home or driveway.

If you want to make the most of recycling gold, here are the top 20 items you can look for on your gold scavenger hunt:

  1. Check your jewelry box first. Rings and jewelry are the most common things that people think of when they go looking for gold to sell.
  2. Fillings and caps and crowns were often gold in the past. Although most people won’t have them lying around their homes, it’s certainly not impossible to find your grandmother’s gangsta mouthpiece.
  3. Time to change your smoke detectors? Old smoke detectors contain gold.
  4. How about that old VCR? There’s some gold in there, and everything’s on DVD now, anyway.
  5. Have an old cell phone? There are gold connectors in it, you know.
  6. Have a coin collection? If you do, there may be gold coins in there, and prices for gold are insanely high right now. If you want to sell those coins, now might be a great time.
  7. smashed carThat old junker in the side yard could be very valuable. Both anti-lock braking and airbag inflation system’s chips and contacts contain gold. Heat insulation in some cars can contain gold as well.
  8. Many old reading glasses have gold in them, so if you don’t use them anymore, you might be able to get a few dollars out of them.
  9. If you’ve won an important competition, there’s likely gold in that medal that’s collecting dust in a display case.
  10. Many old books have gold coating on the edges of the pages.
  11. Some clothing uses gold thread for embroidery.
  12. Gold salts can be bought for their healing properties, so if you’re into Eastern or holistic medicine you may have hidden treasure in your supplies.
  13. If you’re into herbal liqueur, you might have some Goldwasser around, which actually does contain gold.
  14. Gold CircuitboardWhat about other old electronics like TVs, cameras, printers, and similar items? The opportunities are almost endless.
  15. High-end CDs have some gold in their reflective layer. If you’ve outgrown the music, don’t throw it away, recycle.
  16. Try looking through those kitchen cabinets. A lot of fancy mugs and plates have gold edging around them, and some silverware has gold on it, too.
  17. Gourmet food lover? There’s gold in many gourmet desserts.
  18. If you like scrapbooking, it’s possible you have some sheets of gold leaf tucked away.
  19. The cranberry glass in expensive decorations and some crafts contains gold.
  20. Like taking pictures? There’s gold in some photographic toners.

All of these items have at least small amounts of gold in them, and you can have a lot of fun digging through drawers and closets, hunting for gold you can recycle and sell right in your very own home!

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  1. I didn’t know that an airbag inflation system contains gold, that’s very helpful info. I think the car we have out in the back pasture might still have its airbag; I could use the extra cash. Thanks!

  2. Ha. If Rick James was your grandfather, you’ll be sure to find loose gold caps and a few grillz laying around.

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