Gold You Can Sell

You can sell gold jewelry in a variety of forms, colors, sizes and karat values. You can sell old gold jewelry; scrap gold, broken or damaged gold items, unwanted and mismatched gold; pretty much anything that is taking up extra space in your jewelry box or dresser drawer. Turn in your gold today and earn extra cash!

Here is a detailed list of the gold jewelry you can sell:

  • Gold rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary bands
  • Gold earrings and necklaces
  • Gold plated or solid gold watches
  • Gold pendants and brooches
  • Gold and silver hair pins, lockets and charms
  • Scrap gold
  • Gold class rings
  • Gold coins
  • Broken gold and damaged jewelry with missing stones or parts
  • Dental gold
  • Gold Medals and statues
  • Gold collections
  • Gold key chains
  • Gold Cufflinks
  • Gold money clips

Gold You Can’t Sell

Please be advised not to send family heirloom items that have a deep sentimental value. As soon as you accept the payment, your gold will be recycled.

We accept all gold jewelry: solid, crafted or set with gemstones, diamonds, etc. However, please be aware that the appraisers will only evaluate precious metals. If you choose to hold on to your gemstones, please specify that in the Gold Kings Seller Kit. Once you do that, we will remove your gems and send them back to you; otherwise they will be recycled.

How to Identify Gold

One way to help you determine the price of your gold is by identifying the value via the karat amount. Karat markings on your jewelry could be as follows: 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, (.585) or 14kt, (.750) or 18kt, 22kt or 24kt.

The most common colors of gold are yellow and white. Rare yet viable colors of gold are rose and green. Platinum jewelry will look just like silver but will have a mark of (.950) or “Plat.” on the item. Silver on the other hand will bare a stamp of (.925), Silver or Sterling.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Gold Kings your satisfaction is guaranteed! Gather your gold; send it to us for a fair market appraisal and the best cash value. We do the rest and we do it the Gold King’s way, which is recognized, reliable and secure.